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Digital Currency saves transaction fees and increases capital Instant global peer to peer and B2B Bictoin purchases does not require special technology. It is the best and most efficient way of doing business. World wide people discover the power of Bitcoin daily. Get your business on a path of success and join us today. Add Your Business to Coinmap.org now for free or let us do it for you!


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The list of companies that accept Bitcoin continues to grow. Fortune 500 Companies like Overstock.com and TigerDirect.com are reaping the rewards of accepting the digital currency. Sales in the millions are now processed across the globe on a daily basis.

BitcoinMyBiz.com gives your business unprecedented access to the tools you need to provide your customers with secure transactions at little to no cost to you. This increases your profit and allows you to reinvest in projects like research and development.

We are eager to announce your business to the world of Bitcoin and put you on a road to fulfilling your dreams. Bitcoin will only become more mainstream and integrated into our society. In fact, digital currency is in an incredible state of growth.

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      There is no need to worry about charge backs when using Bitcoin – they don’t exist.  


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